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Kansas Hearing Society Legislative Issues.


We received this summary from the Hein Consulting Group, LLC
in May, 2017

Moving KBHAE to KDADS (HB 2195) - HB 2195 would transfer the powers, duties and functions of the Kansas Board of Examiners in Fitting and Dispensing of Hearing Instruments (KBHAE) to KDADS. On February 13th the House Health Committee held a hearing and on February 17th Health Committee took action on HB 2195.  A motion was made to recommend HB 2195 for passage, but was withdrawn after hearing the vocal opposition from 5 of the Committee’s Members (Rep. Crum, Rep. Blex, Rep. Barker, Rep. Lakin and Rep. Dove) that had either heard from their District’s constituents or disagreed on the need for HB 2195. 


HB 2195 is Dead for the remainder of the 2017 legislative session (it did not pass before the deadlines).  We had the votes to kill it last week when they worked it in House Health Committee ... the motion to move the bill forward was withdrawn because of the comments made by committee members that they did not support the bill. 


It is very important to keep in mind that the contents of HB 2195 or other language can be amended into other bills during the 2018 session which opened at 2:00 pm on January 8, 2018.  Hein Consulting Group is monitoring and at this point in time, no additional attempt to re-introduce the bill has occurred.


Haris Zafar, Ph.D.
President of KHS



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